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    College of Nursing aims to improve the nursing quality in line with the changes of social environment and to cultivate internationally competent and comprehensive nursing professionals that can meet the needs of society. Through cooperation with the industry and academic achievements, the College takes on the mission of medical education to serve society and improve the health of the general public. The efforts are also devoted to international academic exchange in order to make for a professional and macroscopic institute that serves as a model for the nursing and vocational education in southern Taiwan.



    The goal of our department is to reinforce the faculty; teachers for all classes should have all sorts of experience in teaching, researching, and clinical tasks. Additionally, we also hired several specialists and hospital chiefs with great experience to be our professional guest lecturers.


【The current units of this College are as follows】

  1. Master’s Program, Department of Nursing
  2. Department of Nursing (Division)
  3. Department of Midwifery
  4. Department of Health-Business Administration
  5. Program of Gerontology and Long-Term Care



    Our department features digitalized classroom, demonstration nursing room, nursing technique self-learning center, clinical scenario learning center, senior care experience and demonstration center, midwifery demonstration center, medical tasks room, and a long-distance education room to help students learn in their courses of becoming an excellent specialist of advanced professional care.



  1. Develop professional Actual Practice
  2. Evaluate Health Care Effect
  3. Perform a Situation Simulation Teaching
  4. Establish system of evaluading the ability of the student to relate the simulation to practice


【Development Strategies】

  1. Strengthen the ability of teacher's actual practice
  2. Promote the quality of professional teachers
  3. Perform Situation Simulation Teaching
  4. Implement the connection of career and course
  5. Establish system of evaluading the ability of the student to relate the simulation to practice
  6. Fulfill service of community care
  7. Enhance the care feactures research
  8. Strengthen collaboration between stake hol dess/hospital affiliation and school


【Aim of Education】

    Educational ideas are 「honesty, profound, actual practice, fulfillment」cultivate the talented people that contains scientific, humanitarian, health care and professional studies.


【Core Abilities】

   Care demostration, Life ethics, human caring, Health Promotion, Self Growth, Problem Solving, Communication , Teamwork.


【Effect of students learning】

    Professional, employability, competitiveness, learning capacity, sustainability